Master Bael


Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas. Hahaha!
~ Bael

Bael (sometimes spelled as as "Baal") is Erica Sharpe's demonic boss and a powerful devil from Hell, who send the Demonic Toys from Hell, (only 3 of them) against the Toulon puppets and he is a major villain in the movie The Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys. He is a demonic spirit of wealth and profits and an extremely selfish, traitorous, and unforgivable deal-making collector of souls who required that the dept from any made deal needs to be paid off or person who made the deal with Bael will suffer the consequences.

He was portrayed by Anton Falk.

He ordered Erica Sharpe and her faithful partner Julian to send Robert Toulon, a great-grandnephew of the original Puppet Master with his daughter Alexandra, to Hell before the dawn of Christmas, as well as to use the Sharpe Industries' charity organization Christmas Pals to deliver the dangerous demonic toys to children all over the Earth, but the plan failed as Robert and the puppet army defeated the toys and Erica. He took Sharpe to his kingdom of Hell as his slave for all eternity.



  • He was named after both the mythological demonic being Baal and one of the 2 demon siblings in Devil May Cry 4.
  • When Bael learns of Erica's obsession towards Robert Toulon's puppets he remembers that centuries ago a doctor by the name of Shaun Paul Toulon made a deal with him that he'd hand over his soul for the secrets of alchemy but after Bael came to collect the soul it had apparently wandered deep into a black forest and become lost and entangled with an ancient oak. That very tree was the one that Andre Toulon who was Doctor Shaun Paul Toulon's direct descendant, used to carve his first puppets. This in turn earned the Toulon family the vengeful wrath of Bael.
  • He was the second enemy of the Puppets who held a vendetta against Andre Toulon and his descendants. The first is Sutekh.
  • When during a ritual blood sacrifices made by her, Erica Sharpe mentioned the name of Mammon who is the demon of wealth and profits, in the summoning of Bael who is said to be the supreme commander of the infernal armies of Hell.