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Baddies are main antagonists of Team Buddies. They are hostile alien race whom pinned Buddies (peaceful race of buddie world whom having pill-shaped bodies and disjointed limbs reminiscent of Rayman character) so they can record their conflict into a morbid and brutal tv shows, but now hellbent on destroyed Buddies’ homeworld upon being exposed.


They are alien race that similar with Buddies except that they had square-shaped bodies and black skin. Their leader, Dr. Madasallori, prefered his Buddie disguise as scientist.


The Show Began

They are highly advanced but malevolent and hostile alien species whom somehow sent their homeworld above Buddie World, and has mass-produced weapons(which presumed to be illegally mass produced Buddies’s conventional weapons at that time) that stored inside a crate that they dropped with parachutes onto Buddies’ world right on the unsuspecting Buddies whom had a party. Predictably, one of the Buddies opened the box and fooling around with the weapons until they accidently killed someone. Inevitably, chaos broke out and the buddies became segregated according to colour. Things also getting worse when they met a mysterious scientist named Dr. Madasallori, whom introduce them with stacking pad technology that allowed them to convert the crates’ contained into weapons.

Exposed and War on the Baddie Homeworld Began

Escaoe attempt baddie

Baddies attempt to escape though unaware that a Buddie smuggled himself inside their rocket.

The Buddies continue to battle for supremacy across the world until they reach temples similar to Aztec designs in the jungle. There, when Buddies grew tired with the conflict and eventually reconciles, some of them spotted a squadron of Baddies whom record their conflicts for their brutal TV Shows. They tries to escape with their rocket, but some Buddies goes so far to smuggled themselves into their rocket and they uncovered the Baddies’ conspiracy.

The revelation eventually led the Buddies to put aside their difference to fight their common foe. Their teamwork proved to be vital for their success, as Dr. Madasallori, whom revealed to be Baddie in disguise, create a weapon to destroyed Buddie World that powered by volcano in Baddie Homeworld as Grand Finale for their shows. Buddies are succesfully destroyed the Baddies' capital as well as their weapon, but destroying the Baddies and liberate the Ikimen was not enough....

Final Battle

It's revealed that in spite of their downfall, Baddies are unwilling to give up even after death: Upon their seemingly defeated, they have activated weapon of mass destruction as the last ditch on destroying their foes once and for all: Megamech. Megamech proved to be a formidable opponent as these robots can regenerate itself. In spite of this, Buddies, whom managed to previously used Baddies' alien technology against Baddies themselves, successfully destroyed Megamech, restoring peace to their homeworld once again.

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