Bad Juju

Bad Juju

There no way you can escape Bad Juju anytime soon!
~ Bad Juju

Bad Juju is an evil spirit and one of the trappable villains in Skylanders: Trap Team. An Air element trap is required to trap her. Bad Juju appears in the Lair of the Golden Quenn level, and she can call the lightning strikes. Bad Juju is some kind of undead spirit and just like thunder diety. Anyway the Skylanders defeat him and lock him in a Air element trap.

Powers and Abilities

Bad Juju can summon whirlwinds to suck in enemies and call upon mighty lightning bolts.


"You awakened the wrong spirits now!"

"Choose as the spirits move ya!"

"Maybe you capture me now, but I still get revenge with voodooooooooo!" - when trapping

"Me not so much mad that I got caught in the trap, but that I didn't think of doing the sorcery myself."

"You want me to do good? Okay. But Good Juju doesn't have quite the same ring you know,"

"Here comes the Bad Jujuuuuuu!" - entering the game

"Have you seen the way that fly boy Flynn look at that adventure girl? He got a thing for Cali, I say!"

"See what Juju can do do."

"You'll get a charge out of this one!"

"This spirit is worthy, Portal Master!"

"Bad Juju take it from here!"

"Very nice indeed!"

"I am ready to go, bring me in!" - Charged up

"Good thing I have a thing for puzzles, and a couple of ninjistu!"

"Good comings!"

"Mind the danger here, I tell ya!"

"Feel the power!!"



  • When explaining her quest, Glumshanks uses male pronouns to refer to Bad Juju even though she is female.
  • A group of ghostly skeletons who are enemies in Skylanders: Trap Team, are called "Bad Jujus".