Oy, what is this?
~ Bad Bill meeting Rango.

Bad Bill, or Bad William, is the tertiary antagonist in the 2011 Nickelodeon film, Rango. He is a Gila Monster who wears a white tanktop, jeans, and a fedora.

He is voiced by Ray Winstone who has also voiced Admiral Orlock from Killzone 3.


Bad Bill is rude, mean and bad, because the name, "Bad" appears.

Role in the film

Bad Bill first appeared in the scene in the saloon and when Rango drank cactus juice (similar to beer), he spread out fire out of his mouth. Angered, he settles a draw against Rango, only to run off upon seeing the Hawk. He is later seen several times as one of the goons for Tortoise John. Later on he got smothered by water due to one bullet. He left into a dry creek.


  • Despite being the tertiary antagonist of the film, Bad Bill's role in the film is short.