Annoying Orange - Bad Apple (Ft03:37

Annoying Orange - Bad Apple (Ft. Mikey Bolts)

Bad Apple is the main antagonist of the Annoying Orange episode of the same name.

Bad Apple

The webisode begins with Orange and his friends playing basketball on a school playground. Suddenly an apple wearing a cap and shirt and coat comes in and swipes their basketball. He then spitefully throws it out of the playground, and it hits Grandpa Lemon's windshield, causing him to fall off a cliff, and the car explodes on impact. He then starts acting as a stereotypical bully that you would normally see in a cartoon, and he grew increasingly frustrated about how he doesn't have any arms or legs to bully the other fruits with. Grapefruit then tells his friends that they needed a way to stop him, and Marshmallow suggests that he try being nice to Bad Apple, and Grapefruit agrees with the plan.

Marshmallow is then shown playing on a seesaw with Bad Apple, and it seemed like his plan would work out. However, Bad Apple jumped onto the swing, causing Marshmallow to soar into the sky. Bad Apple then tries to force Pear, and later Orange, to lick the school's grass. However, Orange tricks him into licking it himself, and Bad Apple makes a fool of himself in front of all the other fruits. Bad Apple soon met his end when he threatened to tell the teacher on them, but he was soon picked up by a teacher, and was eaten alive.