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I come in peace
~ The Bad Alien

The Bad Alien, whose name is never given (although some sources list it as "Talec"), is the main antagonist of the 1990 Science fiction/action movie I Come in Peace/Dark Angel.

He was portrayed by Mathias Hues. 


The Bad Alien comes from an advances species of aliens taht appear to be energy based (as they make huge explosions when they die) who eventually came to make money off of dealing

I Come In Peace Dark Angel - Trailer01:13

I Come In Peace Dark Angel - Trailer

drugs. He had prsumable came to Earth several times before the action of the film, but that is unkown. He came to Houston with a very specific Modus Operandi, he would give people massive doses of Heroine, than suck the endorphinesfrom their brains as they overdosed. 

The Bad Alien starts his spree by killing four Heroine dealers with his killer disc, than  stealing 90 kilograms of heroine from them. Sevral times throughout the movie teh Alien is seen going on rampages, for various reasons, often destroying large numbers of cars. 

He was eventually pursued by another alien from his homeworld, but managed to kill the Alien Cop, opening up the door for two human law enforcers to fight him. 


The Bad Alein carries a large arsenal of advanced weapons from his home planet. 

His main weapon is a killer disc, tuned to the human pattern of electromagnetic impulses, making it fly around and cut through all living humans it can find, until it gets stuck inside of a magnit.

The Alien also carres a large Alien Handgin that rapid-fires explosives, each capable fo destroying a car.

The alien also has a retractable blade on his right arm that he uses to suck out human endorphines. On his left hand, the Alien's gauntlet has a huge, mechanical, bladed whip that he uses to inject heroine. 

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