Oh goodness! Hop-along Finster's going shoot big bad guy rabbit with his toy pistol!
~ Bugs bunny shortly before getting shot by Finster.

Baby face finster is the main antagonist in the Bugs Bunny short Baby Buggy Bunny.


He was first seen robbing a bank by using stilts and a large coat and hat to pose as a tall robber. After escaping the bank, he dons his baby disguise to escape from the police. He loses his money when it falls down Bugs' rabbit hole. Finster pretends to be an orphan to get his money back and Bugs cares for him a while. However, Bugs learns the truth about Finster after seeing the report about the bank heist on TV, so he has him beaten up and taken to the local police station along with the stolen money. With Finster caught, he is sentenced to 99 years in prison for his crimes, and is last seen having a temper tantrum, demanding to be released (to no avail). Bugs then paid a visit to Finster's cell only to tell him to stop being such a crybaby.