Baby Button Eyes
Baby Button Eyes is a minor antagonist in the The Simpsons episode The Ziff Who Came to Dinner. It was a possessed killer doll who was not only homicidal herself, but also encouraged others to help her commit murder. She was featured in the horror movie The Re-Deadening, which was shown at Springfield Googolplex Theatres.


Homer takes Bart, Lisa, and Rod and Todd Flanders to see the movie The Re-Deadening after meeting Lenny Leonard at the ticket booth and learning he has a speaking part. As a result, Bart and Lisa are scared when they go to bed, and they hear eerie sounds coming from the attic. Going up into the attic, Lisa and Bart search, but, succumbing to their fear, the pair run down the ladder. Upon the interruption of a romantic interlude by their frightened children, Homer and Marge enter the attic, and see Marge's high school beau, Artie Ziff, living there.