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Baby Bjorn is the boss of Iceolation in Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2. It's a smaller, though still really large, version of  "Bjørn" the Behemoose (known only as Bjorn in this game).


He's a beast that wanders through the snowlands and occasionally charges at something. Since one of the albatross' passengers, Lily Gilder, is lost here; the Hero is forced to encounter this beast. He soon discovers that fire scares it away, having to light up certain campfires to scare it while Lily and the protagonist search for her missing Teeny Sanguini. At the end of the level, the Hero reaches a ledge where he must defeat this Behemoose to finally rescue Lily and her sanguini, Countess.

After the main storyline is finished, Bjorn itself will be available to battle and recruit.