Baby Alex

Baby Alex

~ Baby Alex

Baby Alex, or simply Alex's Baby, is a minor character from the widely panned 1994 Arnold Schwarzenegger comedy movie Junior. While not an actual villain from the film, since the baby was just a figment of Alex's (portrayed by actor Arnold Schwarzenegger himself) imagination, this baby represents his fear of giving birth.


After Dr. Alex Hesse had impregnated himself with the fertility drug, he had a dream that very night about him being in the maternal room. The nurse presented him with his baby, and the it's revealed that the baby has Arnold's face attached to it. The baby then started to refer to him as "momma" in an increasingly threatening way, and Alex wakes up from this nightmare soon after.


This film was reviewed by the Nostalgia Critic on January 12, 2010. By the time he had gotten to this scene, the Critic reacts to this scene by screaming at the top of his lungs, and then throwing up in the bathroom. He had thrown up for hours after watching this scene.