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Baboon Kaboom
is a villain in The Powerpuff Girls movie, he is one of the many primates evolved by Mojo Jojo as part of his plan to take over Townsville. Once Mojo claims himself leader of the primate army who shall now rule the world, all of his minions rebel in an attempt to make themselves leader. Baboon Kaboom's plan is to use Baboon Bot to take over the planet, as the machine can fire bombs out of its butt (similar to monkeys/baboons throwing their feces). Though his Baboon Bot does manage to cause a lot of damage and terrorize the people of Townsvile, he is stopped (as are Mojo and all the other monkeys) when the girls finally use their powers to fight the monkeys. Baboon Kaboom tries to kill the girls with his bombs but they damage the machine by grabbing the turret and causing the machine to have a blowout, causing the bombs in the Baboon Bot to reverse and explode inside of the robot with Baboon Kaboom trapped inside. Baboon Kaboom likely dies in the explosion.


  • Baboon Kaboom's Baboon Bot is very similar to real life baboons, who are known for throwing their feces at their predators such as lions. His species could possibly be a Chacma Baboon or Olive Baboon.