The Rangers had been battling Scorpina and several Putties. Scorpina had her pet worm trapped the five Rangers in a cocoon. Several Putties pushed the cocoon into the ocean. Eventually the Rangers broke through the cocoon with their Blade Blasters. Alpha 5 teleports them to the industrial complex where a giant Babe Ruthless, Goldar, and monster form Scorpina was waiting for them. Babe Ruthless tells them, play ball! Tyrannosaurus Dinozord battles Scorpina and Goldar. Scorpina strikes Tyrannosaurus with her weapon. Goldar quickly strikes Tyrannosaurus with his weapon. Babe Ruthless shouts out, batter up! Sabretooth Tiger Dinozord fires it's lasers at Babe Ruthless. Babe Ruthless is hit. Angry, Babe Ruthless shouts, try my curve ball! The blast hits Sabretooth Tiger, Mastodon, and Triceratops. Babe Ruthless gloats, his pitches are like lightening. All in his path shall be punished. Sabretooth Tiger fires it's weapons once more. The blast hits Goldar and Scorpina, knocking them off their feet. Babe Ruthless steps in front of them, as Goldar and Scorpina get back up. Green Ranger arrives and immediately summons Dragonzord with his Dragon Dagger. Dragonzord arrives at the battle and starts firing at Goldar and Scorpina, knocking them off their feet and freeing Tyrannosaurus. Dragonzord stands next to Tyrannosaurus. Dragonzord in Fighting Mode is formed. Red Ranger switches Tyrannosaurus to remote. Red Ranger leaves Tyrannosaurus and leaps onto Dragonzord in Fighting Mode and enters the cockpit. Babe Ruthless, Goldar, and Scorpina charge at Dragonzord in Fighting Mode and Tyrannosaurus. Dragonzord in Fighting Mode battles Scorpina and Goldar. Tyrannosaurus battles Babe Ruthless. Dragonzord in Fighting Mode lands a punch on Scorpina and sends her flying. Goldar races up and strikes Dragonzord in Fighting Mode with his sword. Scorpina returns and battles Dragonzord in Fighting Mode with her weapon. Babe Ruthless takes a flying leap towards Tyrannosaurus. Babe Ruthless then joins Goldar and Scorpina. Goldar and Scorpina combine their weapons and send a powerful blast towards Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzord in Fighting Mode. Babe Ruthless bends his head and fires pink gas at them from the top of his baseball cap. The shield is powered up and appears. Dragonzord in Fighting Mode uses the shield to protect him and Tyrannosaurus from the pink gas. Babe Ruthless tries another tactic. He summons a giant red ball and throws it at Tyrannosaurus. Tyrannosaurs uses his tail to hit the ball back at Babe Ruthless. The ball hit Babe Ruthless in the chest. Dragonzord in Fighting Mode powers up it's drill. Babe Ruthless charges at Dragonzord in Fighting Mode. Dragonzord in Fighting Mode uses the drill and destroys Babe Ruthless. Goldar retreats. The Rangers have another battle with Scorpina and her pet worm. Megadragonzord destroys Scorpina's Pet Worm.