1000px-Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Level 3 Boss Triple Trouble

Ba-Boom, the Boisterous is the third boss in the game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. He is the boss of Bright Savannah, appearing in the level Triple Trouble. Before the battle, the Kongs notice a Banana Bunch in the air by a wooden pole. As they try to grab it, Ba-Boom snatches the bunch while mocking them. He then summons his twin brothers, whom also mock the Kongs, angering them.

Ba-Boom is a black baboon with blue cheeks and messy hair. He wears a hat with the Snowmad symbol as well as blue bracelets on his arms and legs. Ba-Boom's brothers look exactly like him except one of them has light-blue cheeks and bracelets while the other has red cheeks and bracelets. Another way to tell the brothers apart is that as they take damage, their fur gets lighter, while the true Ba-Boom's color stays the same. However, no matter which one gets attacked, any of the three could show light blue fur.

Ba-Boom and his brothers attack by swinging in a rope and swinging a hammer. When the player hits them, two of them will start rolling. They also throw watermelon bombs, which can be spiky or green; the green watermelons can be thrown back at them. In the last moment of the battle, either one of three brothers will create shadow clones of himself, and repeat the aforementioned patterns.

To defeat Ba-Boom and his brothers, the Kongs will have to damage the trio nine times, either by jumping on them, or by throwing the watermelon bombs at them. The Kongs can only jump on Ba-Boom's rear, however, as his helmet will render jump attacks on the head useless (except Cranky's Cane jump).