Ba-Boom, the Boisterous is the one of Snowmad commanders and third boss in the game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.

For Snowmads to have knowledge about the Donkey Kong Island, Ba-Boom possibly was the brain of all the betrayal involving information about Kong Family to Lord Fredrik when became a Snowmad.


Ba-Boom is a dark blue Kong baboon with blue cheeks and messy hair. He wears a hat with the Snowmad symbol as well as blue bracelets on his arms and legs. The Ba-Boom's two clones have cheeks and bracelets with different colors like: red and green.


According with boards containing no sign in DK tie by all Bright Savanna, is very likely that Ba-Boom have been expelled from Kong Family and betrayed his own island as revenge.

When Kongs try grab it Banana Bunch in wooden pole, Ba-Boom snatches the bunch while mocking them he then summons his clones whom also mock them. During the battle, Ba-Boom try attacks the Kongs with hammer, swinging in a rope, rolling, throw durians bombs and watermelons bombs. He is defeated when he and his clones is hit 3 times by others methods being expelled from Bright Savanna.