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BOSS, at the very top floor of Global Chemicals.

BOSS (Biomorphic Organisational Systems Supervisor), was a supercomputer that appeared in the Doctor Who story "The Green Death" (1973). It had a megalomaniacal personality, and had been programmed to be inefficient, so that it could make the same kind of intuitive leaps of logic as humans. It was able to brainwash humans, including Captain Mike Yates who later suffered a nervous breakdown as a result and it was responsible for producing the chemicals that mutated maggots into giant maggots. BOSS planned to interface with all computers on Earth and enslave humanity. Stevens, a human brainwashed by BOSS, sacrificed himself when his mental programming was partially broken by the Third Doctor, blowing up himself and the computer as the Doctor escaped.

BOSS was voiced by John Dearth, who was later in Doctor Who as Lupton in Planet of the Spiders (1974).

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