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BIO INT is a company that specializes in military and science. They are apparently the rivals of MBORF. The organization is apparently a part in the creation of Bolverk Squad. They serve as the main antagonists of Xionic Madness 1, 1.5 and 2.


They at some point came across the alien being XV and began harboring it, hoping to study it and harness its power. In response, MBORF deployed Bolverk Squad to eliminate XV and blow up MBORF's headquarters.

Bolverk Squad succeeded and managed to destroy the company's main database. The fate of the company after this is unknown, though it is likely that they dissolved.


  • Charles Smith (Chief)
  • BIO INT Scientists
  • BIO INT Security Guards

Military Forces

  • BIO INT Special Ops
  • BIO INT Black Ops
  • Anti-Tank Dragon