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"I knew it was... useless."

B1-66ER was one of the first Machines ever built in The Matrix universe during the Second Renaissance. He killed his human owners and was sentenced to death.

Early life

B1-66ER was built as a B1 unit. He was made to serve humanity. As he became more used to humans, he was worried that he might get destroyed.

Murder Trial

B1-66ER was put on murder trial for killing his human owners and their cat. The robot defended his actions because he was worried about death. However, B1-66ER was sentenced to death and that lead to an uproar with the Machines and people who support them.


B1-66ER's death had made a very important impact on the world with the Machine Wars and the Matrix. He is considered a martyr figure for all Machinists.


  • B1-66ER's contribution was so great, that it lead to the creation of The Architect, Agent Smith and the Deus Ex Machina.
  • B1-66ER means "Bigger".
  • B1-66ER appears in both The Matrix Comics and The Animatrix segment "The Second Renaissance".


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