~ B.P. Richfield
Right now, my biggest problem is trying to figure out... what to do with all this money!
~ B.P. Richfield's last words of the series

Bradley P. Richfield is the tyrannical boss of Earl Sinclair and the main antagonist in the 1991 comedy TV series, Dinosaurs. He is a Triceratops who loves to abuse his considerable power and is a very aggressive and selfish individual who can't abide to see others happy.

He is voiced by the late Sherman Hemsley.


B.P. Richfield is one of the few genuinely evil characters in the show and his actions are almost always deliberate: he is almost demonic in many ways and has sociopathic tendencies, shown by his many threats to devour workers that displease him and his extremely bad temper. However, he does love his daughter Wendy, and the only person that Richfield fears the most is the WESAYSO CEO Mr. Ashland, who is far more evil and ruthless than him.

He is also much smarter than most of the male characters in the series, but puts his gifts to purely selfish or malicious means - Richfield's official job is to supervise the Tree Pusher's Division of the WESAYSO Corporation: the fear Richfield has is evident in the workplace for his workers flee in terror at the sound of his voice and the idea of being invited into his office is one that fills even the hardiest of reptiles with dread. WESAYSO's environmental destruction ultimately led to the extinction of dinosaurs. Richfield was trapped inside his trailer when the Earth was covered in smoke clouds and temperatures were dropped below freezing. Before he died, he buried himself in his money laughing not knowing what to do with it.

B.P. Richfield has also been shown as a cannibal - which is unusual since Triceratops were herbivores - this is likely added to enhance his evil qualities as well as add some dark humor (a famous example of this was when he was revealed to have been eating the boyfriends of his daughter and planned on doing the same to Robbie Sinclair, however Earl managed to pluck up enough courage to confront his boss - albeit with some fear - in the end Richfield decided not to eat Robbie: one of the few times Richfield has shown some degree of mercy).