The Aztec Empire act as the main antagonists of the god-simulator videogame Black & White 2, although they are based on the historical empire they are almost entirely fictional as they share little in common with their real world counterparts (the same can be argued for most of the "tribes" found in the game).

Black & White 2

The Aztec Empire is the most powerful enemy faction in the game and invaded the Greek homelands, slaughtering them and driving them to near-extinction with the aid of their vast armies and powerful Creature: who could summon volcanoes by which to unleash carnage upon the Greeks.

This prompted the player-controlled "God" to rescue a handful of followers and take them to the Norse Lands in order to recover and then either conquer or ally with other "tribes" in order to take down the Aztec Empire: either by force or by cleverness.

Black & White 2: Battle of the Gods

The Aztec Empire also play a major antagonistic force in the expansion pack, Black & White 2: Battle Of The Gods in which the vengeful Aztecs summon forth their own god of death and destruction - marking the first time the player-controlled "God" had to face an enemy god since the battle with Nemesis in the original Black & White.