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The Azran Dolls are a group of ancient robots created by the Azran, who serve as villains in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.



The Azran Dolls were created as slaves by the Azran to do all of their jobs. They had created them to be indestructable, and feel no pain except for emotion. Due to their artificial intelligence, they were able to look at their current condition, and decided they were Azran also. They asked to be treated fairly to the Azran, but they were denied, and so they used built-in weapons to destroy and kill most of the Azran. A few remaining leaders of the Azran used their strength to seal all of the golems in a sanctuary, where they would await the day they are awakened.

The Azran Legacy

When Leon Bronev wanted to raise the power of the Azran, he learned he needed to sacrifice Aurora by stabbing her heart. He does so, and instead of her dying, The Voice of the Azran takes over Aurora, and calls mankind fools. It then raises the Sanctuary out of the ground, where Leon gloats about finding the true power of the Azran. Emmy Altava then points out strange flying objects coming out of the sanctuary, which the Voice of the Azran reveals to be the Azran Dolls, and explains their past. It then reveals the "prize" promised to them when they first met it was actually the destruction of humanity. Bronev starts regaining his sanity, going into misery over the fact he lost his wife and children trying to discover the Azran's power. The Voice vanishes for the last time, leaving Aurora in charge of herself. She then takes the group back into the Light Chamber, and tells them in order to stop the Golems, they must block five beams that power the Golems. Jean Descole comes in, severely injured, ready to stop the beams. Aurora tells them that if they stop the beams, they will die, but Luke jumps at the mission anyways. The rest of the group, excluding Aurora, stops the beams, and die, but are revived by Aurora.