Gun-happy Azrael


No pleasure, no rapture, no exquisite sin greater... than central air.
~ Azreal
But I'm a f**kin' demon.
~ Azreal's last words.

Azreal (originally spelled Azrael) is the key villain of the 1999 movie Dogma.

He was portrayed by actor Jason Lee, who also voiced Syndrome.


Azreal was originally a muse like his "sister", Serendepity and he was from Heaven too. Ages ago, Satan (originally known as Lucifer) started his war for his place as God's usurper and the new ruler of Heaven. Heaven itself was divided into two armies: the faithful and the renegades. The Ethereal Plains were filled with the chaos of the battle as angelic factions from both opposite sides fought. Azreal refused to fight, seeing that an artist doesn't destroy. When the fight was over, God cast him to Hell, because of his refusal and neutrality.

After spending centuries in hell, he looks for a way out. So he sends two banished angels Bartleby and Loki, an article, explaining that by walking through the archway at a church in New Jersey, they can return to heaven.

He also incarcerates God and sends his triplets to kill the Last Scion, a remaining and last descendant of Jesus Christ. After their failed attempts and the Golgothan demon's defeat, he decides to meet the Last Scion (revealed as Bethany Sloane) and the rest of the heroes in person. He and his triplets capture Bethany, Rufus, Jay, Silent Bob, and Serendipity in a bar in the hopes of keeping them impeding Bartleby and Loki's reentry into heaven, which would prove God wrong and, thus, fallible, in turn destroying existence (and thus securing Azrael's ticket out of hell: by simply not existing rather than being left to suffer in hell). However, after being prompted by Serendipity, Silent Bob kills Azrael with one of the Cardinal Glick's blessed golf clubs, which he had previously blessed to have a better golf game.