Azazello 1996

Azazello is one of the villains of the 1996 sci-fi/horror movie The Island Of Dr. Moreau.

He was portrayed by Temuera Morrison.

Dr. Moreau's son, who is one of the animals, who hunt Douglas and Aissa down. After Douglas meets Dr. Moreau one on one, Dr. Moreau introduces his children one of the being Azazello. Later that night, Azazello brings cooked rabbit and says Dr. Montgomery requested it, which Dr. Moreau gets upset. Then the next day Azazello shoots and kills Lo-Mai and apologizes to Dr. Moreau but says he did it so he could protect Dr. Moreau's law and then Dr. Moreau asks him where he got the gun and Azazello looks at Dr. Montgomery, who looks away and doesn't say anything.

Then when Hyena-Swine shows Dr. Montgomery that he has removed his implant and Dr. Montgomery explains to Douglas of why they have the implants in the animals in the first place and what needs to be done, Azazello says a hunt. After Dr. Moreau's death, Azazello steals Dr. Montgomery's gun and goes to Hyena-Swine and joins them if he shows and gives them more guns and weapons and Azazello requests that his implant be removed. Then Azazello goes to Dr. Montgomery and shoots and kills him with Hyena-Swine and the rest of his gang appearing.

Later, Douglas and Aissa find Dr. Montgomery dead and Azazello and the rest of Hyena-Swine's henchmen attacking them and kidnapping Douglas. Azazello sadistically toys and plays with Aissa, in a dark and fun way, and before he kills her he says that Dr. Morea use to whip him but never her. He brings Douglas to Hyena-Swine with the other minions and Hyena-Swine congratulates him and then destroys him with a gun.