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Azalin rex

Azalin Rex is a powerful undead wizard from the Dungeons and Dragons multiverse. Originally from the world of Greyhawk, he was imprisoned in the realm of Darkon in Ravenloft after killing his son.


A tyrannical sorcerer king from the planet Oerth, who executed his own son for helping a group of rebels and then turned himself into a lich in order to continue his legacy. Azalin was brought to the Demiplane of Dread as a servant of Strahd Von Zarovich, before escaping to the domain of Darkon where he became its dark lord. His curse is that he can't learn any new spell and increase his power, and he's tormented by the ghost of his son, who constantly tells him that he forgives him and he should let go his soul so he can finally rest in peace. Azalin is obsessed in trying to escape from the world of Ravenloft and ressurect his son.

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