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Azal in the Doctor Who series was the Dæmon from the planet Dæmos that terrorized Devil's End in the Third Doctor story "The Dæmons". Azal was amoral as opposed to truly evil; regarding the development of humanity as that of a laboratory experiment whose continuation would be determined by their species overall success.


The Society and Mythology of the Daemons was inspired by that of the image and existence of The Beast before the creation of the universe.

Azal landed on Earth a hundred thousand ago and did help in the development of mankind. Azal and the daemons entered the mythology of man in the form of gods such as the ancient Egyptian Khnum and demons including The Devil. By the events of devils end, Azal was the last of the Daemons.

Azal was awakened after an archaeological professor, Professor Horner, who was digging out the cave at Devil's Hump that was a part of Azal's ship. Summoned by the Master, Azal used a gargoyle, by the name of Bok, as a servant controlled by telekinesis in the form of psionic energy formed from the negative emotions of the local villagers. Azal created a heat barrier around Devil's End. Azal had contact with the Master though the ceremony with the Master's coven. (He was summoned by use of magic incantations to control Azal's psionic forces including the phrase shouted in a rising cadence by the Master, "ecoh, ecoh, Azal!")

The Master wanted Azal's power and summoned Azal three times but he wanted to give it to the Doctor or destroy the world as a failed experiment, but the Doctor refused. Then Azal decided to give the Master his power and destroy the Doctor. Jo Grant told Azal to kill her instead. Azal, not understanding her willingness to give her own life for someone else's, was thus destroyed when his own power turned against him in his confusion, and destroyed himself and his ship at the dig at Devil's Hump was destroyed. Things at Devil's End returned to normal, the heat barrier gone and Bok is a normal statue again.

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