Ayame is a Genma doll who serves as a special boss in Genma: Onimusha (A rerelease of Onimusha: Warlords with added features). The protagonist, Samanosuke, faces her several times, however the player can choose to fight her or run away.


Ayame 3

Ayame in her fighting form

When Samanosuke discovers Ayame in a basement storeroom in Inabayama Castle, he examines the doll. It appears to be an ordinary porcelain doll with a traditonal Japanese geisha wardrobe. However, he soon discovers that the doll is alive, and is a Genma demon. The doll's head moves and her eyes glow. Her hands become giant metal claws and then she stars floating around the room, trying to kill Samanosuke. 

Ayame has several dangerous moves, including a spinning attack and one where she lunges at Samanosuke and bites him. After a round of rigorous fighting, Ayame disappears, only to show up several times later in the game.