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The Axiom's Stewardbots: the SERCUR-Ts/GEL-As/ZPMs, are secrurity robots in the Disney/Pixar film WALL-E. At first, they are seen as neutral characters, but later on, they become the overall tertiary antagonists of the film. During the credits, the Stewards are seen as being neutral again.

The Stewards are the police force of the BNL starliner Axiom. They try to keep things in order aboard the ship. After WALL-E accidentally freed the malfunctioning robots from the Repair Ward, they chased after the "rogue robots". They considered WALL-E and EVE rogues as well.

Later, AUTO summoned all of the available Stewards to stop EVE and WALL-E from placing the plant in the Axiom's holo-detector, only for all of them to be destroyed by HAN-S.

However, not all of the Stewards were destroyed. When EVE broke out from the garbage disposal with M-O and WALL-E, they encountered a single  Steward who was scared off by EVE and hid in a closet after taking a new picture of them. During the credits, a Steward (that could've been the one in the closet) was seen helping the other robots rebuild the city after the Axiom returned to Earth.