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Axemon is a villain in Digimon Fusion, and one of the leaders of the Twilight Army.


Axemon is an Unknown Level Digimon that resembles; a dark mechanical horse with blades on his front hoofs. He is SkullKnightmon's sidekick.

Digimon Fusion

Axemon first appeared along with SkullKnightmon to fight Shoutmon X4 and MetalGreymon. He can fuse with SkullKnightmon to form AxeKnightmon. Axemon can also fuse with Damemon/Tuwarmon to become Ruthless Tuwarmon. At one point Axemon was absorbed by Apollomon Whispered and became Apollomon Whispered Darkness Mode.

Other Forms


  • Air Slicer
  • Aqua Rage
  • Aqua Regia


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