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Axeman is a mutated Zombie from Resident Evil: Afterlife and Retribution. The monster is a recreation of the Executioner Majini from Resident Evil 5 and serves as one of the enemies faced in the fourth and fifth films.

Axeman first appears in the streets of Los Angeles, dragging its massive Axe behind him. Eventually, it arrives at the Citadel Correctional Facility compound where Alice and the other surviving Humans have taken refuge. His presance appears to excite the other Zombies as they attempt to breakdown the door. Claire Redfield and Luther West try and fail to barricade the gate. The Axeman breaks down the main gate, allowing hordes of Zombies to infiltrate the facility.

Its whereabouts are unknown until the group attempt to use the tunnels created by the Majini Zombies in the shower block. It kills Kim Yong, splitting him in half, and renders Alice unconscious with one blow with the flat side of its Axe. Claire is left to fight the Axeman on her own, barely dodging its attacks until she outsmarts it. He is rendered momentarily unconsious when Claire slides between his legs and fires Alice's Shotgun on him at close range. Axeman regains consciousness and throws his Axe at Claire as Alice arrives in time to pull her out of the path of the weapon. One final blast to the head with the Shotgun obliterates the Axeman's head completely. 

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