The Axem Rangers are a group of operatives appearing in Super Mario RPG. They serve as Smithy's lieutenants, charged with locating the 6th Star Piece in Barrel Volcano. When Mario and his party retrieve it, the Axem Rangers steal it and flee to their giant battleship Blade. Mario chases them, reaches the battleship, and defeats the Rangers, retrieving the 6th Star Piece. Blade crashed into the side of the volcano and exploded, killing the Axem Rangers.

The Axem Rangers all have their own colorcodes, special abilities, and like to strike poses. Axem Red is the leader and the strongest of the team. Axem Black is the fastest, and the cool guy on the team. When defeated, he says that his shades are broken. Axem Yellow is the biggest. When defeated, he says that he's hungry. Axem Green is the skinniest, and uses magic attacks. When defeated, he says he has a headache. Axem Pink is the only female Axem Ranger, and can heal her team. When defeated, she says her makeup is running. They all also attack with axes, hence their name.

Mass-produced machine-made versions of the Axem Rangers appeared in Smithy Factory, along with machine made versions of Mack, Bowyer, and Yaridovich, as regular enemies rather than bosses, indicating that the original Axem Rangers were only prototypes, however, the machine-mades are considerably weaker, unlike some of the others.


  • As five colorcoded warriors who like to strike poses, and with their own unique abilities, the Axem Rangers, in addition to being similar to the Power Rangers and Super Sentai, are also very much like the Ginyu Force from Dragonball Z.
  • Each Axem Ranger is designed around being an evil counterpart to someone in Mario's team.
    • Axem Red, being the leader and having balanced stats across the board is Mario's counterpart.
    • Axem Black, a strong and quick fighter with poor defenses is Geno's counterpart.
    • Axem Green, an offensive magic specialist, is Mallow's counterpart.
    • Axem Yellow, a powerful and resilient but slow fighter is Bowser's counterpart.
    • Axem Pink, is both the only woman and a healer with some offensive and status magic is Peach's counterpart.
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