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Why help you? Hope you all die!"

The work of Axel Capek, head scientist of the Ultor Corporation prior to its fall in the First Martian Revolution, was broad-ranging, ingenius and singularly immoral. He created mutants, experimented on animals and humans, released a plague upon the miner population which crippled, disfigured and killed and did it all through his genius and unparalleled pioneering the use of nano-technology and, despite his death, would continue to alter the future of Mars centuries after his death.

With the defeat of Ultor, many of the scientists who worked for Capek fled the victorious Earth Defense Force and Red Faction and became the Marauders, safeguarding what remained of his research - including the Nano Forge and the Accelerator at Mount Vogel. Most of the mutants and abominations spawned by his research were inevitably destroyed.

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