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Awabō (アワボウ) is an optional boss found in Wario Land II. He resides inside the remains of an ancient town that have been buried at the bottom of the ocean. Normally, Awabō appears as a micro-sized and non-intimidating creature that looks like a bubble with arms, but he can inflate himself, enabling him to grow three times his normal size and bear a malicious grin. Wario has a chance to meet Awabō if the player manages to sink the SS Tea Cup during the second chapter. The Black Sugar Pirates who have stolen Wario's possessions will then flee into the ruins. Their leader, Captain Syrup is unfortunate enough to become Awabō's prisoner.

Wario encounters Awabō in the optional level Captured Syrup! after traversing the level area leading to his chamber. When he enters the chamber, he'll see Captain Syrup enclosed in a bubble, slowly flying upwards. Awabō will then appear and challenge Wario. Wario needs needs to jump on Awabō's head three times to defeat him and clear the level. After each hit, the boss will create a duplicate of himself, trying to confuse Wario. If he touches the enemy, Awabō will trap him and teleport him to the top of the room. The battle has to be restarted if this happens. After Wario wins the battle, he will effortlessly defeat Captain Syrup and get his treasures back.

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