I bid you welcome. Enter freely and of your own will.
~ Avery Marx introducing himself to Shadow Man
Come to momma now, baby... Sweet baby, come to momma! For we are many!
~ Avery Marx

Avery Marx also known as the Home Improvement Killer  is an insane and disturbing serial killer who serves as a supporting antagonist in the adventure-horror game, Shadow Man. He is a member of The Five.


The Home Improvement Killer

Avery was frequently raped by his own mother during his childhood, his mother, Mrs. Cassie Marx was his first victim. As an adult, he went on a killing spree, using a night vision goggle and cutting off the power of his victim's houses before stalking and killing them.


Avery was recruited by Legion and became a half-demon killer, using a nailgun to kill his victims. He faced Shadow Man in a abandoned Hotel. Both Shadow Man and Avery Marx stalked each other in this dark hotel, Shadow Man killed Avery and ended his bloodbath.