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Avery Bullock is an anti-hero/anti-villain from the animated TV series American Dad!.


The boss of Stan Smith, Bullock has worked at the CIA for over 25 years. Despite his age, he is in top physical form.

Bullock often acts like a school teacher, scolding his agents when they make mistakes or acted like children. He is a very proud man and refused to negotiate with terrorists even when his wife was a hostage. Avery is not the most faithful of husbands and although he loved his wife he has slept with other women more than once. Despite his age, Bullock was able to get into quite a few romantic relationships, even sleeping with Stan's daughter Hayley. He claimed to like fat Asian women. Bullock was also very loving towards his adopted son but also revealed that the baby could be a liability.

Bullock had a wife named Miriam Bullock. She was stated to be missing in Fallujah, Iraq and chained to a radiator, until her only on-screen appearance in "One Little Word" in which she was rescued. She was brainwashed and turned into a terrorist, but recovers upon her realization she was a mother through the adoption of Avery Jr.

Villainous Roles

Bullock's villainous traits are shown in, but not limited to, these episodes:

  • "Bullocks to Stan": After developing a strong relationship with Hayley, Bullock orders Stan to kill her boyfriend Jeff. Then he tries to do so himself. It all turned out to be a ruse to test Stan, though Jeff was severely injured in the process.
  • "Roger Codger": Bullock and troops of the CIA attempt to hunt down Roger, who has escaped from Area 51 sometime ago.
  • "Four Little Words": Stan takes Bullock on a take with one of Francine's friends. Unfortunately, Bullock ends up killing her out of his CIA reflexes, thinking he was under attack. He and Stan try to hide the truth from Fancine with traumatizing results.
  • "Stan Goes On the Pill": A pill turns Stan into a woman and only later a cure is found. Bullock tries to keep this a secret from Stan and plans to have sex with him.
  • "She Swill Survive": He attempts to kill Hayley.


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