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Go ahead destroy me but in the end Master Makino will consume you.
~ Avatak to Toxzon

Avatak is a villain from Max Steel Reboot. He appeared in the episode "Digital Meltdown". Like Plaztek, he is a Megalink who accidently linked with an unintended target.

"Digital Meltdown"

Avatak first appeared when one of Makino's henchmen tried to link the megalink with a gun laying around but it accidently linked with a video game console that Toxzon had laying around. It was supposed to carry out Makino's mission to destroy the Earth but it was used by Toxzon as a tool to destroy Max Steel. Toxzon prepared the game to trap Max Steel in it.

When Max McGrath started to play the game, Toxzon hacked it and used it as a tool to cause mass destruction. Max Steel had to fight against Avatak in the video game to save the people who were being manipulated by the game. Avatak was going to unleash a pulse that would have destroyed Copper Canyon and the world. Avatak and Toxzon were defeated by Max Steel and the people were saved. Avatak died after losing the game.


  • Like Plaztek, Avatak was killed instead of contained.

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