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Dwarf allosaur

The male Australovenator is the main antagonist in the Waling with Dinosaurs episode, "Spirits Of The Ice Forest".

He was first seen where he tried to catch the Leaellynasaura clan, but he accidentaly stepped on a tree root which made the Leaellynasaura escaped. He later goes after a herd of Muttaburrasaurus, but the bull scares the predator away.

An old Muttuburrasaurus has been killed by biting insects and the male Autralovenator feeds off the rotting flesh. A female Australovenator came to feed on the dead carcass, but the male forces her to leave, but she got a piece of the dead Muttuburrasaurus flesh and the male drives her away.

Later, two Muttuburrasaurus have got lost in the forest and the Leaellynasaurua thought it was a threat, but the male Australovenator siezes his chance. The Leaellynasaura clan run, but the lead female is killed by the giant carnivore.

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