The Aurum are the third organization that Pit encounters in the videogame Kid Icarus Uprising. They are a group of alien robots that are attacted to battle.


Aurum's Arrival

While the humans, the Underworld Army, and the Forces of Nature were at war, The Aurum appeared out of nowhere and began to attack the Earth. They were created from nothing, and seek only to conquer various worlds and harvest their resources and life forms to improve themselves with each conquest. This led to the Forces of Nature, and the Underworld Army to temporary team up with Pit to save the world from the invaders, Eventually, Pyrrhon showed up and help them defeat the Aurum.

Confronting the Aurum

While the others were fighting the Aurum army, Pit fought his way in and destroys the Aurum Core. However, as the other deities and Pit fall back, Pyrrhon remained in the battlefield to hold off the reinforcement fleet. With the gods setting up a temporary truce to deal with the invaders, Pit heads to the Aurum Hive to destroy its generator. Eventually, Pit manages to destroy the Aurum Generator, which caused the entire battle station implode on itself. By that time, the Aurum have managed to capture many of Hades' and Viridi's forces and created Aurum copies of them.

Possessing Pyrrhon

Eventually, Pit manages to reach the Aurum Brain. He attempted to destroy it, but during the fight, Pyrrhon betrays the others and fused with the Aurum Brain to obtain its power for his own agenda. As a result, the Aurum gained more power, as Pyrrhon uses them to attack the other gods. However, the Aurum Brain soon takes control of Pyrrhon's mind. After Pit defeated the Aurum Pyrrhon, Pyrrhon uses the last of his power to jettison the remaining Aurum Hive to the other side of the galaxy. What happened to the Aurum is currently unknown.

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