After the supposed execution of the Bronze Saints, a group made up of Capella, Ophiuchus Shaina, Kerberos Dante, Crow Jamian and Perseus Algol were sent to Japan. Their mission was to abduct Saori Kido, retrieve the Gold Cloth of Sagittarius and destroy the colloseum. The latter objective was completed and they went to look for the others, in that time Saori Kido reached the Colloseum. With the kidnapping of Saori by Jamian, the Bronze Saints was drawn to their location. When Saori projected her cosmo, they all thought it might be Athena. Yet as they as they came to her location, they noticed it was Phoenix Ikki that had defeated Jamian and forgot about that huge cosmo from before.

The Phoenix drew a line in the ground while saying that if the Silver Saints crossed it, they would be defeated. He then started walking off with the unconscious Pegasus Seiya, Capella was not frightened by the Bronze Saint's mocking and thus stepped over the line. Ikki simply turned and demonstrated his powers, knocking the Auriga Saint unconscious. While Ikki fought and made Kerberos Dante unconscious, Capella had recovered and attacked the Phoenix with his flying Blade Saucers. He succeeded in cutting off Ikki's head and right arm while stating he had simply suffered a mild concussion to Argol. Yet Ikki's body was still moving, and Capella attacked again. But this time the saucers turned on Capella himself, slicing off his both hands, and then Ikki revealed himself saying that the first attack he had hit him with was the Genma Ro'ou Ken which made it all an illusion. But Capella's saucer was still returning to its owner and struck him right on, slashing his chest open and finally killing him.

In the Hades arc adaptation in the anime, Capella was revived by Hades and with Dante and Argol they headed for Shiryu's location. There they threatened Shunrei if she didn't tell them were the Dragon Saint was. Shiryu appeared immediately and tried to fight them, but it wasn't until he heightened his cosmo to the max that he defeated them.

In saintia sho, he almost become a anti-hero because almost was sent to kill Eris.