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Aunt Ivy
Aunt Ivy is Jon and Doc Boy's aunt and the tertiary villain who appears in "The Garfield Show". A very mean and abrasive person who seems to delight on making people wait on her hand and foot. She was the main focus of the episode "Everything's Relative" where her house is being fumigated and decided to move in with Jon and Garfield. Here it's shown she make constant loud unreasonable demands of Jon, yet denies his most reasonless requests. (i.e. getting out of the bathroom after two hours so that he can use it). Her personalty cause Jon two ship her to Doc Boy's Farm in an attempt to get rid of her, only for Doc Boy to bring her back for the same reason. While Garfield hates her as much as anyone he like having on the show. His reason, quote : "Compared to Aunt Ivy I actually seem easy to live with".

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