August Marks is the current biggest crime boss and drug kingpin in Oakland, formerly Damon Pope's number two. Marks is also the final character to be murdered in the series. 


Marks is a very cold person who has no problem doing what is necessary to get his point across. He states to Jax, before a meet with Pope, that he had known Mr. Pope since he was seventeen, showing a long term affiliation to him and complete devotion. He took over Pope's position of power after his boss' demise. August is present and aware of the deal Jax makes to hand over Tig Trager to be killed. Later, August watched as Jax arranged for the financial aspects of his deal with Pope were signed in a legally binding contract, something that Pope was hesitant of until August suggested it may not be a bad decision. August fell for Jax's trick as the biker secretly planned to have Pope killed and frame Clay Morrow for his murder. Jax's plan succeeded and August assumed the number one position in their organization after Damon Pope's death. August, furious about his mentor's death and aware of the arrangement that whoever killed Pope would have a five million dollar bounty placed on their head, ordered the hit out for Clay Morrow. However, August suspected that it all seemed too convenient for Jax and assures him that if he discovers that Clay wasn't the one to kill Pope, his vengeance wouldn't stop at one person.