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Attila the Hun was the title character of the 2001 miniseries Attila.

As a young child Attila grew up in a village that was attacked by invaders. Both of his parents died in the invasion, with Attila being the only survivor. He was taken in by his uncle and grew up with the nomadic Huns.

By the time he reached adulthood Attila was a formidable warrior. He violently assumed leadership of the Huns, uniting his people under a common banner. Seeing a new threat, the Romans through Flavius Aetius reached out to Attila. While visiting Rome Attila became enamoured with many of the customs of the Romans, such as taking baths.

The Romans were unable to co-opt Attila and he set his sights on conquering Rome. He was stopped by a combined Roman and barbarian force. A short time later Attila was murdered by a young woman he had married, she was from a village he had destroyed and had only married him to get close to him and kill the Hun leader.


  • This version of Attila was played by the Scottish-Canadian actor Gerard Butler.
  • The real life Attila's father Mundzuk survived until 434, at which point Attila was already an adult. Unlike the television series Mundzuk was not a common villager but instead was the brother of the Hunnic rulers Octar and Rugila.

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