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The Attack dog with a built-in force field is a minor antagonist in in the 1995 and 2010 Disney/Pixar movies Toy Story and Toy Story 3. He is played by Slinky Dog and is the attack dog of One-Eyed Bart, played by Mr. Potato Head.

Toy Story

At the beginning of Toy Story, One-Eyed Bart and his attack dog with a built-in force field (played by Mr. Potato Head and Slinky Dog) are seen robbing a bank in Andy's room only to be stopped by Sheriff Woody and Rex, who is playing the role of Woody's dinosaur who eats force field dogs.

Toy Story 3

At the beginning of Toy Story 3, The attack dog with a built-in force field (again played by Slinky) arrives to protect One-Eyed Bart (again played by Mr. Potato Head), One-Eyed Betty and their Alien Henchmen (played by Mrs. Potato Head and the Aliens) agianst the team of Woody, Buzz Lightyear and Jessie. However Jessie summons Woody's dinosaur who eats force field dogs (again played by Rex) to help them. Once Rex arrives to help Woody, Buzz and Jessie arrest Bart and his gang, the Evil Dr. Porkchop (played by Hamm) arrives. Porkchop then teleports One-Eyed Bart, the attack dog, One-Eyed Betty and the Alien Henchmen up to his ship.

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