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Atlas Corporation is a private military corporation (PMC) in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Atlas is the supporting protagonist faction at the beginning of the game, but quickly descends into the main antagonist faction and launches an all-out war on the world. It is led by Jonathan Irons who seeks to rebuild human civilization, but launches an attack against the United States.


Early Beginnings

The Atlas Corporation was founded in the year 2035 and saw major success during the Second Gulf War. Following the end of the war, the area of the conflict was hit hard by catastrophic and devastating aftermath of the war and within three years, Atlas rebuilt Baghdad better than what the US Government could do within 50. From there on out, Atlas gained popularity and attention and went international and was free of government and congressional control and limitations.

Second Korean War

In 2054, the nation of South Korea was attacked by its hostile neighbor North Korea starting a Second Korean War following the Korean People's Army launching an all out attack on the nation's capitol Seoul. Atlas participated in the event and sent in operatives to repel the North Korean offensive. The offensive was stopped and the invasion forces were repelled from the country and then former US Marine Jack Mitchell became a member of Atlas following his return home from Korea.

FIght against the KVA

Sometime before the game, Atlas was at war with a terrorist organization known as the KVA led by Joseph Chkheidze (codename: Hades). The KVA was the leading anti-Western terrorist group and thus Atlas led the campaign to stop them.

Sentinel Task Force

Sometime in the game, Mitchell discovers a Holographic recording of Irons shooting a KVA Doctor. When Ilona and Mitchell see it, they want to leave Atlas, but are stopped. Sentinel Task Force is formed and they attempt to stop Atlas from its World Domination.


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