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The Atari Jaguar is an infamously "bad" games console but became a minor antagonist within the confines of the famous youtube satire / comedy show known as the Angry Video Game Nerd.

After the Nerd (himself a foul-mouthed anti-hero) proclaims the Atari Jaguar to be so "shitty" even he has had enough of it the console takes on a life of its own and projects its icon into the real world - the icon proceeds to try and kill the Nerd, who fights it with over-the-top video-game guns, yet none of them can harm the impervous attacker.

Ultimately the Nerd unleashes his pet cat on the Atari Jaguar and the heroic feline not only saves the Nerd but vanquishes the Atari Jaguar off-screen (after a drawn out battle complete with a "final boss" style rock theme).

Interestingly the Atari Jaguar was the second "monster" in this episode as the Cybermorph game also made an appearance in the real world and terrorized the Nerd - though it was far less durable than the Atari Jaguar's chosen avatar.