Asuramon was a minor villain in the TV show, Digimon Frontier and Digimon Xros Wars.


Asuramon is an Ultimate Level Digimon that resmembles a tall, muscular, digimon with grey skin, with four arms and three faces, each one wearing a mask, and each one represents an certain emotion, anger, sorrow, and joy. He also has flames all over his body.

Digimon Frontier

When the DigiDestined were seperated while they were inside Sakkakumon, Tommy encountered Asuramon. Asuramon changed his appearance as a hooded man and told Tommy that he was a lonely man and that he had no friends. He convinced Tommy that he wanted to help the boy look for the other DigiDestined. When Tommy found out that his idea of friendship doesn't work, Asuramon burned his cloak and revealing his true form. Tommy Spirit evolved into Kumamon and fought Asuramon. Asuramon had the advantage due to the environment. Kumamon was able to drive Asuramon over a cliff into the lava. However, Asuramon emerged from the lava unharmed. He was finally defeated when Kumamon slided evolved into Korikakumon and defeated Asuramon. When Kumamon was absorbing Asuramon's fractal code, Asuramon switched his mask from anger to joy, probably hinting that Asuramon redeemed himself.

Xros Wars

Asuramon works for Musyamon's army.


  • Fire Fist of Shiva
  • Fire Fist of Shiva
  • Asura Bakunenken
  • Multiple Faces


  • Asuramon can Digivolve into Zanbamon
  • Asuramon's Champion form is Musyamon
  • In mythology (and mentioned in Digimon Tamers), there is a legend of twelve Devas (who have Digimon counterparts named after them and resembling the Chinese Zodiac) who battle the demon Asura.