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Asteroidean is a minor villain in the video game; Okamiden which is the sequel of Okami.


Asteroidean is a giant Starfish-like monster with arms that resembles octopus tentacles. It has a orange-yellow skin and and orb in the middle.



Asteroidean's history is a little vague. All is known about Astroidean is that it was created by of all the hate emanating from the souls of those who were lost at sea.

Astroidean fights Chibiterasu underwater. It fights by performing spinning, ramming, into Chibi and shooting red bubbles. When Chibi attacks Astroidean's tentacles, they'll become red and eventually destroyed. When all five of them are destroyed, Asteroidean turns into a starfish. Asteroidean will then processed to use a powerful water attack. Eventually Chibi manage to defeat Asteroidean and kill it.

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