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Assassins of The Fang

The Assassins of The Fang

The Assassins of the Fang are ???.

Founded by the Queen Aldra, the Assassins of The Fang are a death squad under the Queen's order, used to erase the existence of anyone who defies her. The Vance family, who opposed the Queen, was a first-class target.

The identity of their members is strictly confidential, and they usually resort to camouflage to not stand out too much.

Under the guidance of the first generation leader Echidna, the original belief was "an organization that supports excellent assassins with a high probability of survival," focusing on avoiding death in the missions and surviving. The Queen later commanded them to go as far as to kill themselves to preserve the confidentiality, that might be why Echidna left.


  • Echidna (past, first)
  • Irma (past, second)
  • Risty (past, under brainwashing)
  • Elina Vance


The assassin's outfits differ, possibly by rank. They are mainly green, with the torso piece either being a one-piece, or separated into a two-piece. Irma wears her own version of the Fang outfit.


The assassins are proficient in throwing weapons, and are adept at stealth tactics, being able to ambush some of the most wary warriors. However, they seem to fight better in groups, as they are slightly less ineffective in one on one battles.