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Equinox asmodeus

Asmodeus' true form in the climax of the film.

Asmodeus is the main antagonist from the 1970 feature film version of "Equinox"; a student film created by Dennis Muren.

About the character


A close-up of the Demon's face of Asmodeus' true form

Asmodeus was the alternate name for the Devil. He took the form of a mysterious park ranger. He follows 4 teenagers during their visit in the woods for a picnic, and stalks on them.


He takes the form of a mysterious park ranger on horseback.

In the climax, he takes his true form of the Demon that flies.

Powers & Abilities

To be determined...


  • "If you knew what was in that book, you'd turn to jelly! It's not meant for worms like you! What did you think you were gonna do with it - sell it to a museum? Why didn't you tell me you..." [Jim holds out his mystic symbol]  "AAH! Damn; heaven!"

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