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Asmodel is a fallen angel / Satanic figure from Justice League.

In heaven, the angel Asmodel was formerly the Lord Harrier of the Bull Host, and Commander of the Cherubim Alpha Battalion. He was the highest ranked and most feared of the Pax Dei, the Angel Army of heaven, but grew tired of simply being a servant of God. Rebelling as Lucifer had millennia before, Asmodel waged war against the forces of heaven.

Powers / Abilities

  • Enhanced Abilities: Asmodel has vast superhuman strength, agility endurance and speed.
  • Invulnerable: Asmodel is practically invulnerable to physical and energy attacks.

Flaming Staff: Asmodel wields a flaming staff as a weapon.

  • Immortality: Asmodel is immortal and cannot die.

Flight: Asmodel has a set of wings.

  • Blood: Asmodel’s blood is a universal solvent.

Cry: Asmodel has a can utter a devastating sonic attack.

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