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The Ashwood Abbey are a compact of rich sybarites in the role-playing game Hunter the Vigil, part of the wider New World of Darkness. The Abbey holds no real moral drive to hunt monsters, instead seeing it as a new thrill to partake in.


The Abbey started as a Hellfire club, similar to dozens of others in England during the 18th and 19th century. Primarily focused on catering to the deviant desires of the upper classes, the Abbey's leader Reverand Doctor Marcus McDonald Ogilvy was known as a sybarite among sybarites. Unfortunately, Ogilvy was unfortunate to hold an outdoor orgy on the sacred site of a pack of werewolves. Escaping, Ogivly found himself intriegued by what he'd seen. Leading another party out, armed with as many silver weapons as possible, Ogilvy defiled the wolve's sacred site on his own and waited. When the werewolves arrived, the Abbey fought and cut them down. A new vice was found for the Abbey members to take part in, and since then the Abbey has spread wherever the idle rich want more than sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll.


While other monster hunters might feel a sense of duty in what they do or why they hunt, the Abbey are only looking for the next rush. This quite literally includes rape, murder, even cannibalism, with the single rule being that it is only monsters who deserve it. The majority of Abbey members are primarily the rich and well to-do, seeing the thrill of monster hunting as an escape from their hectic lives. This often results in many, many deaths of members, but that only makes the survivors all the more interested in taking part after all.

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