Tamas Anti-Government Force is a rebellious military faction and a main antagonist of arcade game Ashura Blaster developed by Visco and both published and distributed by Taito in 1990.


In Year 2020 A.D., Anti-government guerrilla forces named 'Tamas' commenced massive and simultaneous invasions throughout the world. From Security Force (Players' faction)'s aerial carrier 'Dagras' launched two advanced, state-of-the-art jet-copters Ashura I and II into frontlines in haste. Piloted by elite SF personnel John and Sam, Ashura I and II hurl themselves onto the impending juggernaut forces of Tamas...


Ashura Forces have a lot weapons like helicopters, boats, tanks , canons, stealth-bombers and hovercrafts. But main weapons of Ashurians is Ashura Tank (he have own point of arrival or base with guns, also tank is armed: spread-canons, tesla lasers and hidden turret).



  • Tamas in Sanskrit (तमस्) means darkness. Tamas is the quality of imbalance, disorder, chaos, anxiety, impurity, destruction, delusion, negativity, dullness or inactivity, apathy, inertia or lethargy, violence, viciousness, ignorance.
  • The Trident of Lord Shiva represents the Tamas-Rajas-Sattvas. Sattvas being a mid point representing the balance between Tamas and Rajas (representing motion, energy, passion and activity).
  • This game heavily borrows bosses motif from The Four Holy Beasts of Asia. However, unknown to many people there is a fifth holy beast: The Yellow Dragon that positions itself at the center.
  • This is a second enemy organization from Taito games referring to Sanskrit/Hindu/Buddhist scriptures: the first game being Master of Weapon.