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Evil empire and main antagonist of arcade game Ashura Blaster developed by Visco and both published and distributed by Taito in 1990. Ashura forces want the same thing that everyone wants evil empire rules the world.


In Year 2020 A.D., Anti-government guerrilla forces named 'Tamas' commenced massive and simultaneous invasions throughout the world. From Security Force (Players' faction)'s aerial carrier 'Dagras' launched two advanced, state-of-the-art jet-copters Ashura I and II into frontlines in haste. Piloted by elite SF personnel John and Sam, Ashura I and II hurl themselves onto the impending juggernaut forces of Tamas...


Ashura Forces have a lots weapons like helikopters, boats, tanks , canons, stealth-bombers and hovercrafts. But main weapons of Ashurians is Ashura Tank (he have own point of arrival or base with guns, also tank is armed: spread-canons, tesla lasers and hidden turret).

Main weapon of ashurians

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