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Evil empire and main antagonist of arcade game Ashura Blaster developed by Visco and both published and distributed by Taito in 1990. Ashura forces want the same thing that everyone wants evil empire rules the world.

Story: (realy strange briefing)

"Attention helicopter pilot 37. This is mission operator. Ugh, I feel kinda queasy. *hic* Well, as you know this war has left both opposing forces decimated. The remainder of the Ashura forces have regrouped and renewed their assault. All that remains of their army are helicopters, tanks, and boats. And a whole lot of ambition. Uhh, I think I had a few too many drinks before lunch. *hic* With such a small force attacking all we need to do is send you in our most powerful future ‘copter, code-named the Ashura Blaster. I'm sure the Ashurians will cower in fear when a helicopter named after them destroys them. It has the most advanced weaponry of all attack choppers before it, but you already knew that. Since it’s so powerful, we painted it a nice target red so the Ashurian army will have a chance. Now get to da choppa, cutie. *hic* I'm gonna get another drink."    


Ashura Forces have a lots weapons like helikopters, boats, tanks , canons, stealth-bombers and hovercrafts. But main weapons of Ashurians is Ashura Tank (he have own point of arrival or base with guns, also tank is armed: spread-canons, tesla lasers and hidden turret).

Main weapon of ashurians

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