Ashuraman, with his distinctive six arms and three faces, initially appeared as one of the Devil Knights, Akuma Choujin who stole the sacred Golden Mask of the Kinniku Clan. He first fought Terryman in the Five Story Ring battles inside Warsman's unconscious body. In this fight he introduced a new version of the Kinniku Buster: the Ashura Buster. If Terry were to have gone through even one Ashura Buster, his body would've been pulled apart. Luckily, Kinnikuman jumped into the ring and cushioned the blow. Terry then broke off Ashuraman's top two arms, causing his own arms to be on the verge of falling off. It is here that Ashuraman reveals his ability to regenerate his arms by stealing the arms of others. As soon as Terry's arms fell off, they appeared on Ashuraman. He tired a second Ashura Buster on Terry, but Geronimo's tomohawk's (protruding through the ring above for Terry to grab) and Buffaloman's arms (which suddenly appeared on Terry) put a stop to it. The fight eventually went out of the ring and, after Terry restarted Warsman's heart, they scramble to make it back to the ring before being counted out. With his last ounce of strength, Terry used Buffaloman's arms to stop Ashuraman from reentering the ring, causing the match to end in a double count-out. (more to come)

Ashuraman Reappears in The Adventures Of Meat-Kun as the racing official.


Kinnikuman - Ashuraman's Theme - Ashura Jigoku04:26

Kinnikuman - Ashuraman's Theme - Ashura Jigoku


アシュラマン-阿修羅バスター(Ashuraman-Ashura Buster)02:01

アシュラマン-阿修羅バスター(Ashuraman-Ashura Buster)

Ashura Buster